As the great Jimmy Page once said, " I believe every guitar player, inherently, has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it." 

The first step to identifying and developing your signature style is finding and maintaining the right guitar for you. 

Kris Raso is a certified guitar technician but he also has years of experience no school or course can provide. He has been playing in bands since he was a teenager in the early 90s and his passion for music translates into everything he does. 

For more than a decade, as co-owner and shop manager for Little Shop of Guitars in downtown Guelph, Kris helped countless budding and seasoned guitarists find the guitars and gear they needed to perfect their sound. 

The shop was a hub for Guelph musicians of all stripes and the source of all things related to guitars. Kris got to know each guitarist personally and learned to recognize what they needed to develop their skills and style. He also became an authority on the unique design features and potential flaws of each brand and style of guitar. 

When he isn’t repairing guitars for clients in Guelph and surrounding area's, Kris is the guitar tech and percussionist for his brother, virtuoso guitarist, Adrian Raso, both in the studio and during live performances. 

Kris’s training and experience has allowed him to quickly identify the cause and cure for any problem a guitarist might encounter from a buzz on a fret to a warp in the neck. You name it. He’s seen it. 

Whether you are playing for a stadium full of fans or alone in your room you want to sound your best. 

You want your guitar to sound its best. 

The more you learn about guitars the more you will appreciate the skill and experience Kris Raso brings to the job. 

Bio by Troy Bridgeman